«I also embroider flowers» is a project, part of Anónima by cm, which aims at creating contemporary embroidered art pieces using traditional Haute Couture techniques.

The combination of two elements with different nature in this project, hand-embroidery techniques and preserved petals of natural flowers, provokes a confrontation with traditional embroidery and its general obsession with representing figurative flowers and ornamental elements without any sensitive or conceptual expression.

The pace of nature and the pace of reflection are the centre of this body of work that uses preserved flowers as a living material, so that the final product is always an ongoing representation of contemplation, fragility and unstable beauty.

YTBF._ YTBF is a unique limited edition T-shirt, but is sometimes an art installation, a fanzine, it becomes a different kind of expression as it grows and ages.

CARMEN M. CASTAÑEDA, the main artist, tries to emphasize the limitation of natural resources as a metaphor of the test of time and memory, taking them out of their context.

After studying Fine Arts at UEM University and Set Design at IED Madrid, it is in Paris at L’École Lesage where she investigates and goes into detail about Haute Couture embroidery techniques, discipline which turns into the basis of her artistic language.